How WPML is a great translation plugin to use with WP Fastest Cache plugin to optimize website performance

One of the biggest concerns website owners have when they install new plugins on their website is how each one will affect website performance.

Of course, plugins help us to add important features that your website will need.  But the last thing you want is to irritate users with pages that take an age to load.

One of the most crucial steps to take when building your website is to make it multilingual. The best way to do this is by using a plugin. WPML is the most popular multilingual plugin with more than 1,000,000 active websites using it.

The good news is that even though WPML brings a number of excellent tools to translate your website, it will have a minimal impact on your website performance. 

Below we have tested out the load times of four one website with different plugins installed:

What is WPML?

WPML is the only plugin you will need to translate all aspects of your website. Below are some of its key features:

  • Translate your website how you want. Whether you want to translate your website yourself, employ individual translators or hire a professional service you can do it with WPML.
  • Integrated with hundreds of professional services. Take your pick from professional translation services all around the world which specialize in different business industries and languages.
  • Advanced Translation Editor to speed up the process. Use the WPML editor’s machine translation option to provide instant results. You can also take advantage of the spell checker, glossary and much more.
  • String Translation to translate all elements. WPML’s string translation will take care of translating everything which is not included in pages, posts or taxonomies. That includes menus, widgets, forms and much more.
  • Boost your multilingual SEO. WPML will take care of SEO elements including translating URLs and creating hreflang tags which will see your pages rank on search engines in all your languages.

Comparing websites with WPML and WP Fastest Cache installed

We tested out our demo gyms website which we translated from English into French. The website contains a number of custom post types, a custom search, maps and much more.

Before adding WPML, its add-ons or WP Fastest Cache plugin our test site was already running the following plugins.

  • Toolset Blocks
  • Toolset Forms
  • Toolset Framework Installer
  • Toolset Maps
  • Toolset Module Manager
  • Toolset Types
  • Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg

The website also uses the Gutenberg Starter WordPress Theme.

We first wanted to add WPML core and then its add-ons without WP Fastest Cache plugin so we could test out how adding WPML itself and its components affected the website’s performance.

To perform this test we ran the English version of the website through Pingdom.

What were the results?

The moment you have been waiting for. Below are the results for the four different websites.

Websites Page load times (milliseconds) Percentage change from the website without WPML or cache plugins
Without WPML or a cache plugin 1080
With WPML core  1100 +1.85%
With WPML core, String Translation and Translation Management 1220 +12.96%
With WPML, WPML addons and WP Fastest Cache 373 -65.46%

What do the results mean?

As you can see, installing WPML on your website offers a very marginal increase in server time. 

Generally, adding any plugin is likely to increase your page load times so an increase of just 140 milliseconds with WPML’s set of plugins is very impressive. You can be sure that users will not notice any significant lags on your website because of WPML.

In addition, WPML with WP Fastest Cache will see your website running nearly three times as quickly as a website without either of the plugins.

It is important to add that we used a minimal number of plugins on our test site so that it is clearer what the impact of adding WPML and WP Fastest Cache plugin has on your site.

Download WPML today and try it out for yourself

Now that you have seen the results you can download WPML now and see how you can translate all parts of your website without seeing any decline in website performance. 

Combine it with WP Fastest Cache plugin and you are guaranteed to be the proud owner of a fully translated website with lightning speed page performances.