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Top 10 Worst Operating Systems

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Yes, you’re right. Today, we shall talk about 10 of the Worst Operating Systems that have ever been made. Of course, we geeks love our old egg and some still use Windows XP. However, not all operating systems like Windows XP. Some of them were really difficult to use. This list has been made on the basis of lack of user-friendliness, system configuration problems, incompatibility with many systems, etc.

Windows Vista

This operating system was a huge disaster because of its bloat, slowness, hardware and software incompatibility, confusing versions, poor security, and very high cost. This OS is probably worse than Windows ME and Windows 8.

Windows ME

This one was launched in September 2000 with huge promises of improved performance, but ended up being a failure in the market. Even Microsoft ditched the OS after one year. It’s slowness and unstable performance makes it one of the worst operating systems to use.

Windows 8

Major changes were made to the operating systems platform and user interface in order to improve its experience on tablets. This was the first Microsoft OS that introduced a tile interface that did not suit a majority of home computing. With Windows eight, Microsoft also ditched the Start button.

Corel Linux

This was released in November 1999 and is another one of the worst operating systems that you could use. Its main competitors were windows 98 and Windows 2000 by Microsoft and Mac OS9 by Apple. This OS was actually graphically ahead of its time, but the installer crashed more often during the installation process. Once the OS was installed, struggle to start working in many computers.


This is a mixture of Linux and Windows, that came out in 2001. This OS promised that you could run all your Windows applications on Linux. It only took a few months for the developers to realize that it was a bad idea. They could not get enough windows programs to run on the OS to sell it.


Most of the operating systems like Windows, Mac OS, UNIX are written in the C programming language, but Java OS is written in Java which is one of the hardest programming languages.


This is the mobile operating system that was developed in 1997. However, it wasn’t until 2002 that people began to notice it. There were a lot of problems with it. Some of them are the Inaccuracy is in previous versions of firmware, bugs and errors, and the browser struggling to load webpages.

MS-DOS 4.0

MS – DOS3.3 was actually quite good. But then came this OS. And it was full of problems. Programmers constantly broke on it. If you were to be in the middle of a task your program would surely freeze completely.

Windows 1.01

Microsoft’s first attempt at a graphical user interface for MS-DOS was, in a word, dreadful. It was ugly, it shipped two years late and even then didn’t work well. And besides, there wasn’t anything that would run on it anyway. Windows applications really didn’t get going until Windows 2.03 showed up two years later.

ITS (Incompatible Timesharing System)

This operating system was written in DEC PDP-6 and PDP-10 assembly language that supported one mono-case, six-character filename … per directory. And security was risky — for example, no passwords were required, Anyone could log into your active session and do anything.

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