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Automatic Cache

When a new post is published, its cache will not be created until a visitor enters it. The same situation will happen when a content is updated because the caches of the posts are deleted when the post is updated if the “update post” option is active. Continue reading – No Refund, Slow and the Worst Hosting Company

I have never seen such a bad hosting company. No need to talk a lot about it. Just run away from


I bought a VPS hosting which is located in Las Vegas. You cannot even imagine how slow it is.

Even I cannot install WHM. I started to install but it stops and does not proceed. We have 15 VPS server for image optimization but I have never seen such problem before 🙂

No Refund

There is no refund system. They do not pay back.

What is Lazy Load Images?

Lazy loading is a concept where you delay the loading of the images. In order words, a technique that helps improve the page load time and reduce page size while still retaining all the images on the page. Lazy Loading works on the principle that an item on the page should not be loaded if it is not needed. Continue reading