• to prevent moving text/html type javascript to the footer
  • to remove wpfc-lazyload-disable=’true’ when an image is excluded
  • to exclude Slider Revolution images for Lazy Load
  • to fix “p.getBoundingClientRect is not a function” error on Lazy Load
  • to support FitVids.JS for Lazy Load
  • to load all the images on mobile devices
  • to exclude render blocking js for conditional comments
  • to exclude images which contains data-lazy-src attribute for lazy load
  • to fix PHP Notice: Only variables should be passed by reference in image.php on line 720
  • to exclude images which exist in json for Lazy Load
  • to exclude HubSpot forms for render blocking js feature
  • to exclude the js sources of Google Tag Manager for render blocking js
  • to be compatible with WP Hide & Security Enhancer for image optimization
  • to exclude linkedin share js for render blocking js
  • to fix update premium version on the IIS web-servers
  • to add “Exclude Full Size Images” option for Lazy Load


  • to fix problem getting dimensions of images which contains non-english char
  • to detect the changes on html for Lazy Load feature
  • to speed up detection the closest server for image optimization
  • to exclude javascript:// for minify js


  • to add Poland location server for image optimization


  • to exclude woocommerce_price_filter for widget cache
  • to add Singapore location server for image optimization


  • to add New York location server for image optimization


  • to fix error on 37. line on update.php


  • to exclude carousel javascript of Master Slider for Render Blocking Js option
  • to change htaccess rule of wptouch
  • to check error on update
  • to add Los Angeles location server for image optimization


  • to exclude WooCommerce Product Filter for Widget Cache
  • to be compatible with Smart Cookie Kit
  • to add Bulgaria location server for image optimization


  • [FEATURE] Compatible with Thrive Leads
  • to prevent serving /videoseries?list= via youtube lazy load template because of problem with getting thumbnail
  • refactoring of minify js
  • to fix Load Denied X-Frame-Options problem on Lazy Load iframe
  • to load images after page load on Lazy Load
  • to add a new server which located in Washington DC for image optimization


  • to enable LazyLoad(Beta) for all the images on home and archive pages
  • to set get_js_source_new() as static method
  • to add placeholder image option for LazyLoad
  • to add LazyLoad(Beta) for youtube videos
  • to add Netherlands location server for image optimization
  • to shorten the url of the minified and combined sources
  • [FEATURE] Compatible with WPForms Lite
  • to update with usual way