Automate Image Optimization

Automate Image Optimization

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You can optimize images automatically, instead of manually optimizing them via the image optimizer.

This new feature will save time and increase performance. You will no longer need to optimize images from the image optimizer tool after uploading them. Thanks to this new feature, images will be automatically optimized silently, without tiring the server in the background.

1. How it works?

First of all, you need to copy the cron job rule by clicking the Auto Optimize link. (If you want, you can open the url with a browser and observe how it works)

Second, you need to add the cron job as below. If there are a lot of images that need to be optimized, the cron job should run every minute. However, after all images are optimized, you can change the working period to “every 10 minutes” or “every 15 minutes”.

2. How to set up a Cron Job in cPanel

3. How to set up a Cron Job at Hostinger

4. How to set up a Cron Job in Plesk Panel

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