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Best Cross Platform Note Taking Apps

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We all need Note Taking Apps at some point in our life. But it is not necessary that we always have a pen and paper in hand. This is where the idea of jotting down notes on laptops or computers, or even phones becomes appealing.

There are many Cross Platform Note Taking Apps that allow you to take notes effortlessly. This article will introduce you to some of the best cross-platform note taking apps.

Google Keep

The interface looks similar to post notes. You can select your notes from 12 different colors. Adding notes is very easy on this app and you can also add images and draw. You can save images and links and text using the extension while browsing the web. Anything that you save in this application is synchronized with every other platform that you use.


This application comes with a variety of features. It is not just a note-taking app, it is a combination of several tools like tasks and projects, spreadsheets and databases, notes, and knowledge bases. New documents or notes in this App Are called “page” and everything in this app is called a “block”. With this application, you can create a defined workspace to store all your notes.


This app comes with a minimalistic interface and simple to use. However, there is no image uploading, find attachment or rich formatting with this app. What you can do is save the type text. You are allowed to check the history, And re-store them to the previous version. This app can be run on any browser and on all major platforms.


This is one of the best free note-taking apps. you can choose a Markdown or Snippet note when creating a fresh note. Some other features are customized hotkeys, different visual themes like light and dark, fonts, etc. you are allowed to save notes locally or offline.


Just passed note-taking app is an open-source app that is capable of handling a huge amount of notes. These notes can be tact, modified, searched, and copied. These notes can also be synced with other devices. The app can run on Mac, Linux, and window system.


This one is not just a note-taking app. It allows you to create a to-do list, author documents, and plan projects in and if active and fast way. You get quite a lot of interesting feature that allows you to create simple notes, right PDFs, create search notes, managed and lines, compose emails, and write blogs.


This is a safe and secure environment to keep your notes, bookmarks, ideas, and passwords. The software comes with easy filtering and packing action that makes it great for both personal and professional use.


This is quite a unique app. It is a notebook with which you can organize and modify information or data. You can create a to-do list, organize your work, and even share data. Apart from that, you can choose where you want to keep your data.


This is a graphical text editor that is used to maintain wiki pages. The pages get stored in a folder and could have attachments with them. It saves all your data in a plain text format with wiki formatting.  It supports plug-ins like task list manager, equation editor.


Whether it is a personal or professional course, notetaking is essential. You need to make notes from time to time in order to organize and manage things and your life. This is why we have curated this list of the best cross-platform note taking app that will help you take notes efficiently.

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