Best WordPress Survey Plugins

Best WordPress Survey Plugins

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Using a WordPress survey plugin can simplify Creating a survey on a WordPress site and also it eliminates complex coding. In this article, we reviewed WordPress survey plugins so that you can find the plugin that is suitable for your site.

If you want to increase engagement on your website, you can think using online surveys which is an effective strategy. Online surveys can turn brief visitors into active participants by making interaction easier. In addition, This method help to increase the time visitors to spend on your site.

1. WPForms

WPForms is one of the most used WordPress plugins. It makes creating forms very easy thanks to its drag and drop feature. Although preparing basic forms is free, the survey creation feature is unfortunately not available in the free version. To use the survey feature, you must pay $200 annually.

2. Formidable

Formidable Forms is another easy-to-use WordPress form builder plugin. Drag and drop feature is also available in this plugin. Creating basic forms is completely free, but those who want to enter the survey field must pay $199.50 per year.

3. User Feedback

User Feedback is one of the top WordPress survey plugins. Unfortunately, certain question types, such as star ratings, are restricted in the free version. To unlock all locked question types and create surveys, you need to purchase the Plus package, which costs $49.50 per year.

4. Everest Forms

Everest Forms is a survey and form plugin for WordPress. You can easily create surveys with the free version. However, if you want the surveys to look cooler, you need to switch to the Pro version. The price of the pro version is 48 US dollars.

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