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The Top Five Time-Management Tips for Product Managers

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Time management is one of the most important skills a product manager should have. It allows the product manager to set their priorities right. In the heat of working on a product, there are often so many things to be done, and it is only time management skills and strategy that can help.

Thus, a good product manager should know how to manage their time. Interestingly, they can use some good time management tips. So in this post, we will be sharing the top four time-management tips for product managers to guide them and make them deliver better.

Strategic Planning and Mapping

Before the work on the product begins, the product manager should plan how the product’s development, launching, and marketing will go. In the planning, the expected delivery time and marketing should be included—this will help the product manager set his priorities right.

Furthermore, the budget and the people working on the team should also be factored in. The product manager should ensure that every team member sticks to their role and delivers at the right time. The date of the release of the product must also be considered.


This is also an important time-saving tip. A professional product manager should know how to delegate duties and roles. Sometimes, there are so many things to do that much won’t be achieved if responsibilities aren’t delegated or shared. Duties or tasks should be shared or given to the right team members for optimal delivery. This saves time a lot and prevents the team members from burning out.

Avoiding Social Media and Other Distractions

Social media use could be addictive, especially for tech-savvy individuals. A product manager working on a product with a deadline should avoid spending too much time on social media and other distractions. Every day, they should plan their tasks and ensure they complete them. Distractions of all types should be avoided.


This is a very important time-saving skill. It would help if you were multi-tasking as a product manager, and you should encourage the rest of the team to also multi-task. This means you and other members of the team should have the capacity to do different things and carry out various actions at the same time.

Have Shorter Meetings

If you have experience in product management, you have most likely been forced to sit through more than one meeting during which you wished for it to end as soon as possible. Most meetings last far too long, and some aren’t even essential. Meetings have the potential to stifle production, which is why cutting their length in half or eliminating some of them is a step in the right direction for successful time management.


If product managers follow these top four time management tips for product managers, they will be able to plan and organize their time more effectively than ever before. Managing one’s time efficiently is essential for a product manager. It ensures that the product is designed, launched, and marketed in the most effective manner possible to achieve the desired results.

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