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Unpatched Vulnerabilities Cost Millions, yet Updating is Unpopular

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Unpatched vulnerabilities are one of the biggest reasons for security breaches. Users rarely update the solutions they use and this makes it easy for hackers. Hackers are aware of old solutions’ exploits and you can be aware of them too with a quick Google search. That is why it is important to keep updating to avoid data breaches.

Why updating is important

If you’ve been using the same services for a while, it’s important to make sure you keep up with the latest software and security updates to prevent any security breaches. As we know, most people never make updates, and that is one of the main reasons hackers can breach a system. At the same time, many people think that they don’t have to update software because it’s not critical to their systems. Most software updates are urgent to fix vulnerabilities and they are usually released at the discretion of a company. Not everyone needs to update software, especially when they do not use the system for financial gain. But, if you own a business, it’s important to ensure your company is not vulnerable to attack.

Exploits for unpatched vulnerabilities

It has been observed that some of the biggest breaches in recent times have been caused by unpatched vulnerabilities. That is not shocking cause 60% of breaches happen because of unpatched vulnerabilites. You can take a look at what a ‘known’ exploit is from https://www.cvedetails.com/. Use a cybersecurity solution that fits your needs to help protect your business from the risks of unpatched vulnerabilities and maintain a minimum standard of security. Don’t forget to update it! There are many different vendors that offer custom security solutions for your company. You should opt for the best product that suits your company’s needs. Look for vendors that provide solutions most suited to your needs.

Why Nobody Updates

Updates have a bad name and they deserve it. They have bugs, they appear out of nowhere, they expect you to sit down while consuming your precious time. Those reasons create a very bad user experience and most people tend to avoid updates for a very long time.

How to stay updated

There are some good ways of keeping yourself updated. Make sure you get patches directly from the manufacturer and not somewhere else. Check time to time to see if the updates are available for all the software that you use. Check with the companies for the latest update. These steps are really important to stay safe from cyber-attacks and let you know what’s coming next in terms of attacks. How to keep malware off of your device Keeping your phone safe from malware is really important because once a hacker gets a hold of your information, they can get into other personal data that they can use against you and your customers. Hackers can steal your customers’ emails, photos and messages, and then they can use it for whatever they want. There are many instances where a competitor hacks its rivals to steal customers. It sounds horrible but other instances are usually even worse.


Keeping updated with security solutions can help you avoid cyber-attacks. Unpatched security solutions are also one of the leading reasons for security breaches. You should avoid choosing old solutions as many of them have vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit to hack your accounts. You should avoid using unpatched security solutions in order to reduce cyber-attacks.

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