Automatic Cache

When a new post is published, its cache will not be created until a visitor enters it. The same situation will happen when a content is updated because the caches of the posts are deleted when the post is updated if the “update post” option is active.

Thanks to the Automatic Cache feature, the cache of the content, the cache of the content’s categories and the cache of the content’s tags are created automatically.

Once this feature is activated, it will be active for all content. No need to activate for every content.

After new content is published or existing content is updated, the Auto Cache feature starts to work and caches pages as follows.

How to Disable

If you do not want to use this feature and do not want it to appear on the screen, you can turn it off via the Screen Options panel.

How to Enable!

This is a beta feature so you need to add the following lines after <?php which exists at the top of wp-config.php file.