Delete Cache Problem Related to Permission

You can delete the cache both automatically, manually.


If you have a permission problem with /wp-content/cache/ folder, you get the warning above.


1. Set the permissions of the following folders as below

/wp-content/cache 755
/wp-content/cache/all 755
/wp-content/cache/wpfc-minified 755
/wp-content/cache/wpfc-mobile-cache 755

2. Set the owner of the following folders as below

If you are still getting the permission warning although you have changed the permissions as above, you have a problem with the owner of the folders. As you see on the image below, the owner of the /all/ is different from others.


You need to set the owner of the folder with your username via terminal as below if you have dedicated server or VPS.

Note: If you have a hosting package, you cannot set the owner. In this case, you need to contact to your hosting provider.