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7 Ways to Boost Your Sales with Triggered Emails

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Digital marketing is constantly changing. In spite of that, newsletters and marketing emails have remained popular ways to nurture and inform customers, and latest innovations have created new ways to make the most of them.

One of these ways is by using triggered emails: they work by setting up automatic emails for a campaign that is based upon a user’s actions and behaviors.

Triggered emails are instant, customized and contain relevant information for your customers. These emails have higher opening click rates as compared to non-automatic communications. Hence, they are more likely to convert.

A triggered email is designed and created only once; then it can be sent to your leads and subscribers according to your filters and segments.

The difference between triggered and marketing emails

Most marketing emails tend to promote products or services to customers, which is a great way to nurture. Meanwhile, triggered emails ensure that a specific action is initiated or completed.

The ultimate goal of a triggered email is not selling, but to provide relevant information to the recipient at the right time.

What the stats say

Research indicates that triggered emails have 70% more open rates than other marketing emails, which can increase revenue by 34%. If your goal is to increase profits, then triggered emails are a good investment.

The best types of triggered emails to help you get higher sales

1. Welcome email to new subscribers

Most people are not ready to buy when they first visit your website, but yhey show interest by subscribing to your site. Those are the perfect targets for your campaign. You can start a relationship by sending a well-composed welcome email.

A good start can help you convince them that you are trustworthy and they might buy from you in the future. You can also offer a discount or a gift for signing up with you or offering to connect on social media. This will encourage them to carry out another action towards purchase.

The goal here is to help them with their decision-making process and take them to your product. This may not guarantee you a 100% conversion, but it will let you tack down the success and efficiency of your email marketing campaign in the form of impactful sales.

Here’s a super on-brand welcome email from Casper, the mattress company:

2. Birthday/anniversary email to old subscribers

Greeting emails are commonly used in every marketing strategy. This is because they are among the most effective messages that can emotionally get to your customer. When people receive a promotional discount or a free voucher on special occasions, they are more inclined to make a purchase. Hence, with just one click, you may get multiple benefits, such as improving your relationship with the customer and stimulating purchase.

3. Sending reminders to your emailing lists

After getting their email address and initiating the first purchase, the successful way to keep your relationship alive with your customer is to get in touch with them regularly. Send them reminder emails regarding deadlines of a sale or inform them of an event. These types of emails are ideal for organizations offering services related to individual needs.

Here’s a good example of a reminder email from Asana, letting users know that their invite is pending:

4. Promoting events to the list

Usually, only a limited percentage of registered participants actually attend an event when invited through emails. Still, sending constant reminders through triggered emails makes sure that the percentage increases. If a company invests in events like meet-ups or webinars, triggered emails can save the day for them.

5. Blog posts with calls to action

Content is still king, which is why blog posts with a well-designed CTA are the most commonly used tool in digital marketing. It is an excellent way to reach your target audience and boost revenue. When a blog post is published on a topic that customers are interested in and addresses their pain points, it has the power to engage them.

Sending these blogs to your subscribers in triggered emails can be attractive enough to get them to your point of interest: sales. A compelling subject line followed by polished content and a beautiful image is the perfect recipe for well-baked content.

6. Offer a course, newsletter or ebook

Offering an informative course induction or an ebook by email is an effective way to attract new subscribers, as well as teaching them about your products that they might be interested in. This can also help you build your reputation in the niche by showcasing your expertise. Add some appealing elements to motivate them to make a purchase.

7. Inform customers to renew a service or product

A loyal customer is an asset to the company, so it is essential to retain them. A triggered email can help you by sending customers a reminder to renew your services. It also encourages them to make another purchase if you offer them additional discounts or gift vouchers as thanks for being with you for a long time.

To make sure you send the right email to the right person, you should keep your email marketing lists in sync with your CRM database and other business tools. This is also your best way to maintain consistent and enriched data everywhere.

Tips to write an effective triggered email

Like other types of email campaigns, triggered emails also need to be optimized to be effective. Here are five tips you can use to write an impactful triggered email with a lot of potential for conversion.

1. Write a crunchy subject line

An appealing subject line captures the attention of the reader, which can help you achieve a higher opening rate.

2. Organize your content

People don’t read emails word to word. Hence, by organizing the email content into well-elaborated headings or bullet points, the reader will be able to go through all of the content more quickly and fluidly. It will also be easier for them to understand your pitch.

3. Use interesting topics

If your goal is conversion, then you have to use compelling content that sparks interest in your recipient and makes them want to keep reading.

4. Use call-to-action buttons

A marketing email without a CTA button is useless. Create your triggered email with a relevant CTA button to significantly increase your revenue.

5. Measure results

It’s important to keep an eye on the performance of your triggered emails through your site’s monitoring system and automated reporting dashboards.

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