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AI Set to Replace Humans in Cybersecurity

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Dallas, TX-based cloud cybersecurity company Trend Micro carried out new research recently which reveals over two-fifths i.e, 41% of IT leaders believe that AI will replace their future role by 2030.

Research Insights

The research was compiled from different interviews with 500 top IT directors, CIOs, CTOs & managers that do not look good for their future career prospects.

Confidence in Job Security

Only approx 9% of respondents were very confident about AI will definitely not replace their job within the next ten years. In fact, nearly one-third i.e, 32% said they think technology would eventually work to completely automate cybersecurity threats, with little human intervention.

Impact on Cybersecurity Landscape

Almost one in five i.e, 19% of respondents think that hackers/attackers using AI to enhance their arsenal will be commonplace by 2025 and everything will be more complicated or automated.

Future of Data Access

Around a quarter (24%) of IT leaders also claimed by 2030, the data access will be tied to biometric or DNA data, making it almost impossible to access.

Short-Term Predictions

In the shorter term, respondents also predicted the outcomes that would happen by 2025. They predict that most organizations & companies will have significantly reduced investment in real estate property as remote working will become the new normal (22%)

Meanwhile nationwide 5G will have transformed the network and security infrastructure (21%), and cybersecurity will be self-managing and automated with the help of AI (15%).

Challenges and Recommendations

However, hackers using AI to enhance their arsenal will be the real thing to see in the near future(19%)

Technical Director of Trend Micro Bharat Mistry told “We need to be realistic about the future. While AI is a useful tool in helping us to defend against threats, its value can only be harnessed in combination with human expertise.”

Cybercriminals and hackers will continue to go where money and data is — looking after the greatest financial returns on their cyberattacks. MNCs and cybersecurity teams must remain vigilant to stay ahead of the criminal’s attacks.

Security Recommendations

As per the Trend Micro recommendations companies double down on best security practice and patch management programs and look after threat detection with round-the-clock cybersecurity expertise to protect cloud servers, workloads, emails, networks, and endpoints.

It also recommends customer education and training to increase the efforts of corporate cybersecurity with the best practices at home, including advice to not use personal devices whilst maintaining strict access controls on all corporate networks and the home networks including zero trusts.

Adapting to Change

Although tech leaders also believe that AI automation will do away with many human roles within a decade, they should not spend time worrying about jobs becoming obsolete for a while.

IT will adapt to accommodate the new ways of working and companies will evolve to use automation to ease the challenges caused by the skills shortage.

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