Blue Shield
What XDR Means for the Modern SOC

Analysts, SOC teams and security teams have been frustrated by the limitations of MSSPs for a long time. XDR represents…

Secure Network
XDR is Real and Set to Make an Immediate Impact in the SOC

With organizations struggling with alert fatigue and disconnected tools for monitoring security controls, it is not surprising that one of…

Secure and Private Browser
Navigating the Evolution of Cybersecurity

In an era where digital advancements are omnipresent, cybersecurity solutions have emerged as the linchpin in safeguarding our online existence. From its…

Ai background business technology, digital transformation
AI Set to Replace Humans in Cybersecurity

Dallas, TX-based cloud cybersecurity company Trend Micro carried out new research recently which reveals over two-fifths i.e, 41% of IT…

Cybersecurity and Page Load Time
How Cybersecurity Affects Your Page Speed

Load time of your website affects your sales and not just because your Google rank can decrease. Visitors tend to…

Couple Putting Money into Piggy Bank
Top 4 Ways to Save Millions: Spend Less On Cybersecurity

Most small businesses completed their digital transformation, those already on the internet improved their systems. In this new world, cybersecurity…

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