Cybersecurity and Page Load Time

How Cybersecurity Affects Your Page Speed

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Load time of your website affects your sales and not just because your Google rank can decrease. Visitors tend to leave early when they face high load times. Many things affect load time; image sizes, content lengths, and cybersecurity solutions you use. Always look to keep your page speed high. If you’re unable to do this, your site is likely to suffer from poor user experience and slow loading times. Different things can affect your page speed, but things like a low connection speed between your clients and servers, the amount of data you’re sending over the internet.

How does load time work?

Image sizes, content lengths, and many things can affect your page speed through increasing HTTP requests. A high number of HTTP requests to your server slows down page loading times. High data transfer rates to your server is an issue. Your server will be flooded with too much traffic and that causes high data transfer rates and crashes. In order to mitigate data transfer rates and data traffic, you will want to employ various strategies that slow down HTTP requests. There are many methods like compressing your images, shortening your content and there are some less known ways to decrease HTTP requests. One such method is paging. According to Backlinko, paginating your site increases load time and it also takes more time to load because you are fetching small portions of content and skipping long sections. In addition to paging, there are a couple of hacks that reduce HTTP requests. Use application whitelisting which allows only your “trusted” applications to access certain parts of your website.

Why speed is so important?

Even though website speeds are improving, they’re still poor in many countries, especially in developing countries. This is true for countries with low bandwidth availability. Globally, the average website speed is around 3.2 seconds, which is half of what it used to be a few years ago. This is not good enough for consumers and especially e-commerce buyers. The biggest reason for this is that users are getting used to browsing websites that load in seconds. As an e-commerce platform, you have to ensure that your site is quick and attractive to consumers. Your sales performance is closely related to the overall experience your users have when using your site. They might choose to go to another e-commerce website, because of slow loading times.

How cybersecurity affects your website speed?

This is something to consider when you’re looking at any website. Most of the security solutions you purchase will protect you from cyber-attacks that slow down your website and they will help you to maintain a secure website. Cybersecurity is a must but choosing the right solution is also important.

It is common knowledge that if you use unsafe cybersecurity measures, it can slow down your website, thus affecting your users. Depending on the nature of the risk, you may need to implement various security measures.

Lacking security solutions, you could also risk your data. Without protection, anyone could steal your company’s data. Every bit of data about your customers, competitors, and even the employees of your company could be at risk.

Response time in cybersecurity

Many cybersecurity solutions have high response times. Response time in cybersecurity means before deciding and sending the information to the server about a visitor is indeed a visitor or an attacker that needs to be blocked, some time passes, and that some time is response time. You can think of WAF and RASP solutions like a castle wall. Thicker the wall is better but also you should look out for castle wall’s door because if your door won’t open fast enough your customers won’t get in and you will lose them.

Shared hosting is at risk

If you’re using a shared hosting, this will increase the chances that your server will be affected by a cyberattack. This can slow down your server and hamper the speed of your website. If you’re using a VPS, then you should check the server size, bandwidth, and processor speeds. These are factors that impact your web performance.

Is SSL Enough?

Most organizations implement a two-factor authentication system or they have a third-party website security service like Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. Usually, when hackers find out about these things, they can find their way to your server’s virtual address. Once they reach there, they can tamper with data on your server and, ultimately, your website.

How to keep your website speed high

Here are some tips on how you can keep your website loading as quickly as possible: Make your site mobile-friendly Your website, if not mobile-friendly, won’t be used by mobile users. Ensure your website has an optimized design that works on mobile devices. Your site will look great and speed will also be increased. You can pay a designer to help you with it. Remember image sizes. You can choose your images using different sizes; it is advisable to always choose high-quality and compressed images for your website. A website’s loading time will be considerably reduced if you use compressed images for your designs. Measure the amount of data you’re sending over the internet How much data is being sent over the internet determines how long your page takes to load.


It is important to protect your website and make use of helpful tricks to maintain a high-performing website. Making the right choices for security vendors, hosting services plays a crucial part. There is still a problem that you can face and it is this; your website will be slower during big and/or sudden traffic spikes. Make sure to increase your bandwidth limit before campaign times.

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