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Blarma is your gateway to enjoyable and smooth language learning journey! Whether you're a student in need of acing their language exams, a traveler who's trying to impress locals and avoid being scammed, or you're simply a languages guru who enjoys learning new languages for fun! Look no further because Blarma one of the best vocabulary learning apps out there is your one and only way to achieve it all!

To keep you on track with your language learning goals, Blarma provides daily customizable notification reminders to build a consistent study habit! In addition to that its user-friendly interface makes it easy for beginners and advanced learners alike to navigate the app. By incorporating audio and visual elements, Blarma provides a dynamic and engaging platform for you to master your target language! The native pronunciation audios allow you to listen to and mimic the sounds of a language spoken by native speakers, this helps you master nuances of pronunciation and improve your accent, making you sound more authentic and natural!

10 minutes daily is all you need

Do you have a busy schedule? Or you’re just a short tempered learner who can’t sit still for a long time to study? Blarma is your saviour, you need no more than 10 minutes a day to make the difference you’re aspiring, making it easy to incorporate language learning into your daily routine. Whether on the go or at home, it’s so convenient, all it takes is a few taps on your device to incorporate language learning into your daily routine and make steady progress towards fluency!

Expand your vocabulary

With over 10,000 words from 14 most widely spoken languages to choose from, the scenarios are innumerable! You get to continuously challenge yourself with new terms and definitions! Select new words that you don’t know and matter to you the most according to your needs and skip the ones you already know to save your time and avoid boredom! This ensures that you are constantly challenged and engaged as you progress through your language learning journey!

Personalize your learning experience

Pick your level, choose the categories you prioritize, and customize the number of words you want to learn a day as you please! Set goals and track your progress because you will receive feedback on your performance allowing you to focus on areas where you need the most improvement, that way you can tailor your study sessions accordingly!

Remember every word you learned

We all tend to forget newly learned vocabulary by time, but with Blarma’s evidence based spaced repetition technique we can assure you that you will memorize everything forever! It is based on the idea of the spacing effect, which states that information is better remembered if it is studied over multiple study sessions, with increasingly long intervals between each session.

Interactive diverse learning styles

Whether you’re an auditory, visual or reading and writing based learner, or somewhere in between, Blarma has got you covered! You will be shown a picture of the new word alongside its written definition in both your native language and the one you’re learning then finish it off by listening to an audio to learn its pronunciation as well so that you develop your speaking skills, refine your pronunciation and sound more fluent in the language!

Learn Through AI-Powered Stories

Reinforce everything you learn with Blarma’s entertaining short stories powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology they can also serve as linguistic lessons that will make you a better communicator in an immersive, enjoyable and engaging way!

Practice makes perfect

To make sure you grasped everything you learned, Blarma gives you a range of fun diverse visual, translation, listening and writing quizzes by the end of every study session challenging you to apply what you’ve learned to test yourself and identify areas of strength and weakness, from there you can decide on your next step!

Brush up on what you’ve learned anytime

For extra fun learning, Blarma offers you mediation style vocabulary teaching audios with calm diverse background sounds to listen to all the words you already learned while sipping on your tea! You can also practice your pronunciation with Blarma’s voice recording feature, or simply retake the tests again and again till it becomes a piece of cake!

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