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Why Customers Prefer Mobile Apps Over Mobile Websites

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Recent studies* have shown that customers prefer mobile apps over mobile websites and desktop websites. If you have e-commerce website and plan to build an e-commerce app for your store, you should absolutely position your mobile app to complete your mobile website.

Online shopping is much easier with mobile application

With m-commerce apps shopping process is much easier and faster with e-commerce applications. you can finalize your transaction on mobile app with several touches.

Mobile applications are truly dedicated to make things easier for consumers to do their transactions.

Mobile apps use all the functionalities of a smartphone compared to mobile websites

Mobile apps offer all the functionalities of a smartphone to the customers . Mobile apps can function without internet connection. Mobile apps can also make use of smartphones’ features such as Bluetooth, GPS, and the phone’s camera.

Mobile apps increase reach and engagement among multiple channels

Again, a lot of consumers are utilizing apps nowadays. They actually expect more known brands to have a dedicated app. That being the case, companies should see the need to come up with a mobile app to increase their reach and engagement, on a channel that is used by a lot of potential customers.

While shoppping, mobile apps can provide a higher level of personalization than mobile websites

Another beauty of mobile apps is the personalization that it offers. Mobile apps personalize the shopping experience of customers by sending push notifications (whether it be for news, or promos).

With mobile apps, it will also be easier to collect data from the user for you to be able to understand their behavior better. With the help of mobile analytics tools, you can make use of these data to further personalize the shopping experience of mobile app users. E-Commerce-aside, you can even use mobile apps for fundraising events, and more.

That’s why you should see it beyond its icon – this is the closest you can get to be in touch with your audience, and your customers.

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