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List of Best Secure and Private Browsers To Protect Online Privacy

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In this article, we are listing and reviewing some of the best secure browsers that you can trust. These browsers will prevent prying eyes from learning what sites you visit and your physical location.

Why secure Browsers?

Today, online privacy is becoming almost a joke. We are constantly being tracked by Google, ISP, the government, and hundreds of data collectors for business purposes like advertising. In today’s date, we can’t be fully secure. However, we can take certain measures for our online privacy security. The primary step begins with web browsing itself. Hence, your web browser should be a more secure one.

Tor Browser

Nothing can beat Tor when it comes to secure browsing. This browser protects you by sending your internet traffic and communications around a distributed network of relays that are run by volunteers around the world. This way, no one can tell whether traffic originated or where it’s going. The browser is built on top of Firefox with a lot of modifications in order to improve security and privacy.

The only downside of the browser would be its speed. Because the internet traffic is navigated through multiple tunnels, the browser is lower than most other secure browsers. However, it can be compensated with a speedy internet connection.

Available on: Windows, Mac, Linux

Epic Privacy Browser

This one is the chromium-based secure web browser that can stop 600+ tracking a tense in an average browsing session. The browser restricts other websites from showing ads, fingerprinting, ultrasound signaling, crypto mining, and more. When you use it with the proxy on, your data is encrypted and hidden from the government. Also, the browser automatically deletes the browsing history, cookies, databases, etc when you close the browser after your session.

Available on: Windows, Mac

Comodo Dragon / Ice Dragon

Comodo Has given us to secure browsers. Comodo Dragon Is a chromium-based secure web browser that comes with unmatched security and privacy. Comodo IceDragon Is based on Firefox that features several security, performance, and feature enhancements. Both of these web browsers offer you top-level security features.

SRWare Iron

This is another one of the best private browsers based on the open-source chromium project. You get the same features as Chrome but without the crucial concerns of privacy. The primary aim is to eliminate usage tracking and other privacy-compromising functions That the chrome browser includes.

Available on: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android


This is the fastest secure browser to protect your privacy online. By default, the browser blocks ads and tractors and reduces your chances of being infected by malware.

Available on: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS


This is a free and open-source secure browser that promotes online privacy and security. While most of the data that the browser retains is encrypted and stored. File associations and user settings are not encoded.

Available on: FreeBSD, Linux, OS X, OS/2, and Windows


This next browser on our list is built to preserve your privacy and anonymity. The browser uses the internet securely and all connections to the internet are forced to go through the Tor network. It makes sure of leaving no trace on the internet unless you ask for it.

Available on: Windows, macOS, and Linux

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