Magnetic Switch Keyboard

What is a Magnetic Switch Keyboard?

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In 2023 and 2024 there has been a literal flood of keyboards with Gateron magnetic switches. They’re pretty great for gaming with Rapid Trigger and Dynamic Keystroke features. But how do they work and are they worth buying?

What is a Keyboard with Magnetic Switches?

Instead of relying on the classic clicky mechanisms of traditional keyboards, magnetic switch keyboards employ a cutting-edge approach. They utilize magnets and sensors to register key presses, offering several advantages.

Here’s how it works: pressing a key activates a magnet within the switch. This triggers a Hall sensor, a special component on the keyboard’s circuit board. The Hall sensor then detects the change in the magnetic field, which signifies a key press. It relays this information to the computer, resulting in the desired action on the screen.

Unlike traditional keyboards with fixed actuation points (the distance a key needs to travel to register a press), magnetic switches allow for adjustable actuation distances. Due to the absence of physical contact involved in registering keystrokes, magnetic switches boast exceptional longevity. They can withstand billions of presses, far exceeding the lifespan of their mechanical counterparts.

Their speed and precision have made magnetic switch keyboards a favorite among gamers who demand the most responsive and reliable typing experience.

The following table summarizes the main differences between magnetic switch keyboards and traditional mechanical switch keyboards:

Magnetic Switch Keyboards Traditional Mechanical Switch Keyboards
Use magnets and sensors Use metal contacts and springs
Customizable actuation distances Fixed actuation distances
Non-contact nature Contact-based
Longer lifespan Shorter lifespan
Includes features such as Rapid Trigger and Dynamic Keystroke No additional gaming features

Wooting, SteelSeries and other brands

Wooting, a Netherlands-based customization keyboard team established in 2015, ventured into magnetic switch technology and released the Wooting One in 2016. In 2018, Wooting collaborated with Taiwan’s Mpower to develop a prototype magnetic switch product. However, in 2019, SteelSeries introduced the Apex Pro magnetic switch keyboard with the Omnipoint switch, which highlighted the potential of magnetic switches.

Now, in 2024 pretty much every big keyboard brand is making their version of magnetic switch keyboard, usually using Gateron or their own magnetic switches using Hall Effect technology.

MelGeek Cyber01

The MelGeek Cyber01 is one of the lastest releases in 2024. It uses the magnetic switches and combines that with a very fresh cyberpunk design.

Lightning-fast responsiveness: The Cyber01’s magnetic switches are built for speed and accuracy. With incredibly short key travel distances (how far you press a key) and minimal delay, your actions translate instantly to the screen, making it perfect for intense gaming or quick work tasks.

Enhanced performance for complex actions: MelGeek goes above and beyond by optimizing the keyboard’s internal circuitry. This allows for smoother processing when multiple keys are pressed simultaneously, crucial for situations requiring rapid and intricate key combinations.

Mastering high-speed actions: The Rapid Trigger feature further empowers the Cyber01. This specialized setting excels in situations where you need to repeat key presses rapidly, like in fast-paced games or specific software applications.

Built to last, designed to impress: The Cyber01’s exterior embodies MelGeek’s dedication to quality and style. The sleek, minimalist design is both aesthetically pleasing and incredibly durable, ensuring the keyboard looks and performs flawlessly for years to come. Every aspect, from the satisfying keystrokes to the precise response, is meticulously crafted to deliver an exceptional magnetic switch keyboard experience.

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