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WP Fastest Cache & Weglot Translate are now fully compatible

Weglot Translate is a multilingual plugin to be able to translate your wordpress website and add extra languages. Weglot Translate is known for a particularly easy set up but also for implementing the best practices in multilingual SEO, delivering performance and allowing the user to choose between automatic and manual translations. Continue reading

A Look Back at 2016

We are coming closer towards the end of 2016. Although it has been such a difficult year because of the PayPal payment system which is forbidden in Turkey, it has been a good year so far. Besides being the best cache plugin, WP Fastest Cache reaches a wide audience day by day. Let’s take a look back at what happened this past year. Continue reading

Render Blocking Js – Exclude Js

If you wanna exclude some js sources, first of all you need to be sure that the js source is not affected by any other js sources. Secondly, you need to add data-wpfc-render="false" attribute as below.