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How To Use Behavioral Model To Boost Mobile Commerce Conversions

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Understanding human psychology is one of the primary indicators of building a successful mobile app for your business. When it comes to address customer needs and understand user behaviors, many companies struggle to define key issues. The problem is that the companies focus on technical developments while building a user friendly m-commerce website. The important thing they miss most of the time is behavioral psychology. You have to dig deeper into the minds of the users to build a converting mobile website of your e-commerce store. Understanding even the most basic principles will change the way you approach website or app development.

Behavioral psychology is an approach in psychology which studies observable human behavior; why we do and what we do.

Frameworks such as BJ Fogg’s behavioral model help us find out the specific elements in our app and why they do or don’t do the certain user behaviors such making purchases.

According to Fogg behavioral model there are just 3 components that need to be present in order for any behavior to occur:

  1. Motivation: the user must have sufficient motivation as primary driver of an immediate action which can be seen as the emotional backdrop
  2. Ability: the user must have the ability to complete the desired action. It determines if the offer is realistic to the user on a page
  3. Trigger: a trigger must be present to activate the behavior. It is what ultimately persuade the consumer to take action

You have to employ the behavioral model to mobile conversions, with this way you will be able to map out the techniques that rise motivation, ability and provide a trigger.

Put simply. If a user has enough motivation and ability to complete a specific action, a trigger cue will prompt the desired action.

When we apply the behavioral model to mobile conversions, we can easily map techniques back to the behavioral model. That is, the techniques increase motivation, ability, and trigger an action.

In this article we will discuss mobile commerce conversion boosting techniques you can use in order to increase a user’s ability to convert or increase their motivation to complete online transaction.

1. Single Step Buy (Ability)

Let’s look at Amazon example. They simply cut out the extra steps and utilize a “Buy now” button where users can purchase an item with just one click.

Amazon’s one click buy makes it easy to complete purchase, without having to enter and confirm shipping information, dramatically increasing the ability of users to convert.

2. Optimize Your Results Page (Ability)

When displaying search results, you have to be certain that your results page is optimized. Users can hastily evaluate different options and make a decision. When a mobile user enters your website via mobile device it is difficult to include everything on the search results page.

It is mandatory to include user friendly, data driven information on your mobile application. Keep in mind that if you believe mobile website is sufficient to meet your ecommerce store’s sales need you are mistaken, only well developed and easy to use mobile commerce platform preferably native apps would make both you and the users happy. Unless users apprehend the information and what a product is, retention of the customers become almost impossible. Visitors decide whether or not to continue their process just in a few seconds.

Consider as well what information is most useful to the user and allow them the ability to filter their searches. If you’re selling clothes, you may want to include alternative colors or patterns. If you sell hard drives, technical specifications may be the most valuable.

3. Optimal Number of Results (Motivation / Ability)

Most hostel booking apps ask this question: How many results should I show for mobile results page?

We know that Google’s optimal number is about 10 results. Hoteltonight’s results page show 10-15 results per page. Since application fundamentals differ it is best to conduct A/B test to reach optimal UX.

4. Design An Efficient Progress Bar (Motivation)

Inserting a progress bar into your mobile commerce app’s flow is crucial to motivate mobile users. When you want to purchase a product but a progress bar does nothing but confuse you, it is inevitable to end up the session with exit. Because no one has a second to lose and everyone feels uncomfortable if they feel uncertain about the website.

Progress bars are like the light at the end of the funnel. Well designed and understandable progress bar leads users to successfully complete conversion process.

To conclude, we delved deeper why you should consider human behavior to increase your mobile commerce site or an app’s conversion rate. Although it seems easier to make changes and optimize mobile commerce website, we still think that mobile commerce app is a must for your business. Mobile website is more difficult to optimize in order to turn visitors into conversions, our advice is to build a mobile commerce application and after its set up, focus on the minor changes by conducting tests for UX optimization.

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