Top 5 Magento 2 Automatic Related Products Extensions

Top 5 Magento 2 Automatic Related Products Extensions

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Up-selling and cross-selling are common tactics to increase revenue. Recommending users relevant items is essentially an advertisement from the inside. Not to mention blocks like “users buy together” that can lift up slow-selling products. However, to effectively cross- and up-sell, you will need an Automatic Related Products extension for your Magento store. For example, like ARP module by Mirasvit ( Today, we compiled for you the top 5 best ARP extensions for Magento 2.      


The module from Mirasvit, authors of the Page Speed Optimizer module for Magento 2 (, adds many useful features. It allows you to create blocks where relevant items will be displayed. You may move this block across different pages and change its design. Recommendations may display different types of items. For example, similar goods or purchase history.    

One of the distinct features of the module is a built-in analytical tool. It will show you useful data, such as the percentage of clicks on certain product groups or the amount of earned revenue. Knowing the behavior of customers can help you shape a store’s strategy.    


Developers from Magefan focused on deepening every default ARP system. Related items may be displayed in bundles and multiple blocks on one page. The algorithm of recommendations can be changed by introducing custom rules. For instance, you can enable client group-based recommendations or utilize dynamic product attributes for rule creation. 

However, the module also adds one distinctly unique feature. Users may compare a pair of items with its help. They will see prices, brands, and other relevant information about both products put side-by-side in a simple grid. 


The extension by Amasty makes a statement with its customization abilities. It allows you to create custom rules for the recommendation algorithm. You may choose where and how to display recommendation blocks, alter the design of popups, and change bundles of proposed items. 

You will also get additional analytical tools. The module displays simple statistics in rules and bundles grids. There, you may see clicks, revenue, and other useful info. There is also a separate grid dedicated to bundles’ sales statistics. 


AheadWorks mostly adds basic functionality for this type of module. Custom rules, simple statistics, block customization, and other expected features are there. It also allows you to sort recommended items in different ways, like by price or rating. The widget with recommendations may also be placed wherever you want via editing its code. One of the most unique features of this module – integration with the customer segmentation system. 


Besides usual features like rule-based recommendations and product sorting, the module by Mageplaza adds a few small but useful functions for the ARP system. The recommendation block may be titled however you like. Familiar statistics like revenue and clicks are displayed in eye-catching graphs. Related products block may display daily deals. Rules creation consists of choosing conditions and locations from which items will be pulled.  


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