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WeTransfer Alternatives

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In this article, we have reviewed WeTransfer Alternatives for you. The ones we have listed do not force you to verify your email, unlike WeTransfer.

You can directly upload files to Esktra without needing any steps. By eliminating annoying email verification, WeTransfer alternatives have a very simple interface. Moreover, our alternatives are not only user-friendly; they are free too.

Below you can find WeTransfer Alternatives for quick and easy sharing.


Our first alternative for fast and secure file sharing is, which does not require membership, has a very simple interface., which allows you to easily share large files, has set a limit of 6 GB. In addition, the storage period of the files is determined as 21 days.

2. WeSendit

Our second alternative is WeSendit. WeSendit is completely free and does not require membership. WeSendit offers uploads of up to 5 GB. You can determine when the file you uploaded will be deleted from the settings section. You can also add password protection for the file you will upload.

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