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Best Productivity Tools for Linux Developers

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To improve productivity, stay organized and increase focus at the workplace, special software can be used.

These productivity tools will help you to:

  • Block out distractions;
  • Keep track of how you spend your work time;
  • Automate manual work;
  • Remind important to-dos;
  • Organize and structure knowledge and much more.

Some productivity tools for Linux platforms are brought out below.


actiTIME is a time-tracking and work management tool that can be used by companies of any size and also by self-employed individuals. Besides its cloud-hosted version, a self-hosted edition for Unix systems is also available. These can be installed on a personal computer or a company’s internal server.

This tool helps in getting accurate records of work and leave time and run reports based on that data to measure either personal productivity or a team’s performance. It also allows to approve and lock timesheets, calculate billable amounts, and issue invoices. Its work management features allow organizing project teams, granting project assignments, besides configuring email alerts on upcoming deadlines, worked out time estimates, overrun project budget, and other events.


FocusWriter is a text processor that creates a distraction-free environment for writers. It supports popular text formats and by using a hide-away interface, it blocks out all distractions. You can select any visual and sound theme that supports your productivity and focus on your work. FocusWriter also allows you to set daily goals, use timers, alarms, and look into statistics.

This tool can be installed on various Unix platforms with an option of portable mode. Its source code is also available on the developer’s website.


As the name suggests, FreeMind is a free mind-mapping software for Linux platforms. It helps in knowledge structuring, brainstorming, developing new ideas, and prioritizing jobs. This tool allows users to create multi-level structures that visually represent ideas, workflows, or knowledge.

Writers, developers, researchers, students, and other people who need to collect and structure large amounts of information will find this tool of immense use. As FreeMind supports the export of maps to HTML files that can be opened with any web browser, it allows viewing and processing the mind maps in other software.


Autokey is an automation utility available for various Linux distributions. With this, one can create and manage collections of scripts and phrases and assign abbreviations or hotkeys to them. This helps in speedy typing of large parts of the text or automate executing scripts in any program used on the computer.

As phrases are stored as plain text and scripts as plain Python files, they can be edited in any text editor. They can be collected in folders and assigned a hotkey or abbreviation to show the contents of the folder as a popup menu. Also, some hotkeys or abbreviations can be excluded from triggering in specific applications. Any task that can be performed with a mouse and keyboard can be automated by Autokey.


LastPass works in your browser and helps manage passwords easily and securely and saves you from wasting time remembering passwords. It helps create secure and easy to read passwords.

The tool is available as a universal installer for Linux platforms and as an addition to specific web browsers.


Those who work late at night know the Experts say it’s better not to work at night, but if quitting this is not an option, a special tool that adapts screen light to the environment can help.

Af.lux automatically adjusts the light of your computer or smartphone screen to the lighting. To set it up, it is required to choose your location and configure the lighting type in the app’s settings. Once done, the light from the screens of devices will dynamically adjust to the environment and decrease the negative effect of the blue screen light on productivity, health, and energy.


Simplenote is a free tool for keeping notes and sharing them across all your devices. It is available for both desktop platforms and mobile devices. While using Simplenote on several devices, notes are automatically kept synced and updated on all. Collaboration features are also offered. With this tool, you are allowed to publish your thoughts or share your lists with your friends or family.


This is a personal organizer that includes numerous categories like calendar, task list, notes, reminders, and contacts. It is quite lightweight and easy to use. It can run in an open window or the background mode and doesn’t need an internet connection. You get various configurations and formatting options. It has a very useful search that allows you to find and access information quite quickly.

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