Earlier Changelog of Freemium Version

= 0.9.9 =
* to clear cache when regular price of woocommorce is updated
* refactoring of Automatic Cache

= 0.9.8 =
* to clear cache after updating Elementor Website Builder plugin
* to clear cache after theme or plugin update by custom settings [Details]
* to enable Auto Cache Panel for the classic editor which is enabled via add_filter()

= 0.9.7 =
* to clear cache after theme or plugin update by default [Details]

= 0.9.6 =
* refactoring of serving non-exists minified files
* to fix htaccess rule for Polylang plugin
* to fix condition of clear cache after plugin update

= 0.9.5 =
* to prevent generating cache when DONOTCACHEPAGE is defined as true for Divi theme
* to add nonce security system for cdn saving

= 0.9.4 =
* to make compatible the Auto Cache feature with the Disable Gutenberg plugin
* refactoring of rewrite rule of HTTP_USER_AGENT
* to check that resources have been successfully optimized

= 0.9.3 =
* to prevent removing "/" for exclude rules
* [FEATURE] to add "pause" feature for cdn [Details]
* to add wpfc_clear_all_site_cache() for clearing cache of all sites [Details]
* to add spinner for the buttons on the cdn wizard
* refactroing of excluding "There has been a critical error on this website" page

= 0.9.2 =
* [FEATURE] to create cache after publishing new post or updating a post [Details]
* [FEATURE] Clear cache after activate/deactivate plugin [Details]

= =
* [FEATURE] Clear cache after switch theme [Details]

= =
* to make compatible the preload feature with WPML
* refactoring of clearing cache of content which is moved to trash
* to fix Notice: Undefined variable: no_selected in single-preload.php on line 39
* to add image/avif for browser caching

= =
* to clear cache of the store homepage after WooCommerce order
* to fix vulnerability (discoverd by Gen Sato)
* to clear cache after Woocommerce order status changed

= =
* to fix Notice: Undefined variable: order_arr in preload.php on line 161
* to fix Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$go in preload.php on line 440
* to start using the API Token system instead of Global API for Cloudflare [Details]
* to fix removing backslashes issue in the pre tag
* to disable cache for the IP based urls on the bitnami servers
* to disable cdn if the query string contains wc-api

= =
* [FEATURE] to add Re-Order feture for Preload [Details]

= =
* to fix saving "Update Post" settings issue
* to fix saving "New Post" settings issue
* [FEATURE] Compatible with the AMP Takeover feature of AMP for WP – Accelerated Mobile Pages

= =
* to fix PHP Notice: Undefined offset: -1 js-utilities.php on line 84
* to show the details of the error on the Cloudflare cdn integraiton

= =
* to add webp extension for CDN
* to replace the attribute which is data-bg-webp with cdn-url
* to save the Cloudflare zone id instead of getting it via api continuously
* to prevent calling cloudflare_clear_cache() function multiple times

= =
* to prevent caching 403 forbidden page which is generated by iThemes Security plugin
* to convert domain name from IDNA ASCII to Unicode for CDN
* to minify the imported css sources
* to round if the preload number is decimal

= =
* to fix PHP Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$excludekeywords in wpFastestCache.php on line 1935
* to fix Undefined offset: 0 in cache.php on line 865

= =
* [FEATURE] to add wizard allows you to show the clear cache button which exists on the admin toolbar based on user roles [Details]
* to fix the replace problem when the cdn-url starts with a number
* to fix the little issue on the cloudflare integration

= =
* to exclude PDF files from caching
* to add Modified Time into htaccess
* to add "Clear Cache of All Sites" feature for Clear Cache via URL [Details]

= =
* [FEATURE] to add "exclude sources" feature for CDN
* to remove the DNS prefetch of s.w.org when emoji is disabled
* [FEATURE] to add wpfc_css_content filter [Details]
* to fix scandir(): (errno 2): No such file or directory on js-utilities.php line 238

= =
* [FEATURE] to add WP-CLI command for clearing minified sources [Details]
* to fix Warning: parse_url() expects parameter 1 to be string, object given in preload.php on line 458
* [FEATURE] Compatible with Multiple Domain
* [FEATURE] to add Clear Cache of All Sites button [Details]

= =
* to fix replacing urls on the json source with cdn url
* to fix clearing cache on sites using Polylang plugin
* to prevent creating cache for feed of nonexistent content

= =
* to fix PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function lazy_load() on null in cache.php on line 798
* to clear sitemap cache after updating or publishing post
* to clear cache of the static posts page
* to replace urls on data-siteorigin-parallax attribute with cdn-url
* to fix the problem abour "Mobile" option
* [FEATURE] Clear cache after theme or plugin update [Details]

= =
* [FEATURE] Compatible with Multiple Domain Mapping on single site
* [BETA FEATURE] to create cache after publishing new post or updating a post [Details]
* to fix clearing search (/?s=) result cache
* to add settings link on the plugin list
* [FEATURE] Compatible with Polylang with one different subdomain or domain per language
* to exclude url which ends with slash if the permalink does not end with slush
* to exclude images for cdn if the url contains brizy_media=

= =
* [FEATURE] to add Spanish (Argentina) language
* to support MultiSite
* to add wpfc_exclude_current_page() for excluding current page [Details]
* [FEATURE] to add French language
* [FEATURE] to add Slovak language
* to show the solution for AWS S3 Access Denied [Details]
* to show the solution for Using CDN on SSL Sites [Details]

= =
* to remove the clear cache button from column and to add clear cache action on row actions [Details]
* to hide clear cache icon on toolbar for IE
* to fix replacing cdn-url on data-product_variations attribute
* to add WPFC_TOOLBAR_FOR_EDITOR [Details]
* [FEATURE] to add Persian language
* [FEATURE] to add Chinese (Taiwan) language
* [FEATURE] to add Spanish (Venezuela) language
* refactoring of checking admin users for exclution
* to fix E_WARNING on wpFastestCache.php line 1064

= =
* to exclude the css source of elementor which is /elementor/css/post-[number].css to avoid increasing the size of minified sources
* to replace urls which have data-vc-parallax-image attribute with cdn-url
* to avoid clearing cache of feed after voting (All In One Schema.org Rich Snippets)
* to fix clearing cache after switching url on WPML

= =
* to fix Undefined variable: count_posts in preload.php on line 112
* to update of Spanish translation
* to preload the language pages (WPML)
* to clear cache of the commend feed as well after clearing cache of a post

= =
* to clear cache of /feed as well after clearing cache of a post
* to fix PHP Notice: Undefined index: wpfc in timeout.php on line 132
* to clear cache when a approved commens is updated
* to add swf extension for cdn
* to replace urls which have data-fullurl, data-bg, data-mobileurl and data-lazy attribute with cdn-url
* [FEATURE] Traditional Chinese language has been added
* to convert the icon from png to svg [by Roni Laukkarinen]
* to fix Undefined index: HTTP_HOST cache.php on line 321

= =
* to create cache for xml sources
* to create cache for json sources [Details]
* to clear cache after Maintenance Mode activation/deactivation on Elementor plugin
* refactoring of clearing cache hook system
* refactoring of cache time-out time list
* to disable cache when "The site is experiencing technical difficulties." error occurs

= =
* to clear post's cache which contains query string if WPFC_CACHE_QUERYSTRING is defined
* refactoring of excluding system
* refactoring of getWpContentDir()
* to fix the homepage cache problem when WPML with different url is used
* to prevent directory traversal attack (discoverd by Imre Rad)

= =
* to check the page is 404 or not with http_response_code() if is_404() does not work
* [FEATURE] to add Custom Taxonomies on the preload feature
* [FEATURE] to show statistics of Preload
* to replace urls which have data-img-url attribute with cdn-url
* [FEATURE] to add WP-CLI command for clearing cache [Details]
* refactoring of is_amp()

= =
* to clear cache of parent categories after clearing category cache [Details]
* to fix PHP Notice: Undefined variable: preg_match_rule in preload.php on line 418
* to show cloudflare integration warning if it has not been added
* to fix Preload visiting page urls without end slashes problem [Details]
* [FEATURE] to add Buffer Callback Filter [Details]
* to add application/x-font-opentype and application/x-font-truetype for browser caching
* [FEATURE] Widget Cache is compatible with WPML Multilingual Plugin
* to fix 403 forbidden error when the cdn-url is checking

= =
* to exclude urls on preload
* to add exclude rule for admin cookie as default
* to prevent replace urls with cdn-url if the url has already been replaced with Jetpack
* to fix replacing origin-url with cdn-url for data-product_variations attribute
* to fix "Database Syntax Error" [Details]
* refactoring of read_file()

= =
* to clear cache of author page after update/insert post
* to fix PHP Notice: Undefined offset: -1 in wp-fastest-cache/inc/js-utilities.php on line 47.
* to fix PHP Fatal error: Function name must be a string in /public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-fastest-cache/inc/preload.php on line 316
* to support MultiSite (Beta) [Details]
* to enable gzip for x-font/ttf
* to prevent replace urls with cdn-url if the url has already been replaced with cdn.shortpixel.ai

= =
* to disable webp image extension if cloudflare subscription is free
* to fix cache deletion security issue of WP-PostRatings (CVE-2019-6726 by Sebastian Neef)
* to add do_action("wpfc_is_cacheable_action") the plugins to be able to detect that a page has been cached or not
* [FEATURE] exclude woocommerce_items_in_cart cookie [Details]

= =
* to replace lazy load blank.gif with cdn-url
* to exclude wishlist url of YITH WooCommerce Wishlist
* refactoring of is_amp()
* to add webm extension for cdn
* refactoring of current_url()

= =
* to fix url with replacing cdn-url on data-product_variations attribute
* to increase browser cache time from 3 months to 4 months
* to fix bug on language dropdown [Details]
* to increase the value of Cloudflare Browser Cache Expiration to 6 months
* to exclude Twitterbot user-agent
* to fix PHP Warning: file_exists(): open_basedir restriction in effect

= =
* to move "cache timeout" to under "delete cache" tab [Details]
* to prevent clearing cache after Ninja Form is submitted
* [FEATURE] Preload for custom post types
* to fix PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function add_settings_error()

= =
* to fix error which is Undefined index: SERVER_PORT
* to prevent running preload when cache is disabled
* to change saving options and notice system
* to replace image urls of woocommerce variable with cdn-url
* to fix url() problem for data:font/opentype
* to add add_action('wp') for detection current page type
* to support non-latin characters for clearing category cache
* to show cache if the url contains “fbclid” (Facebook Click Identifier)
* to show cache if the url contains “gclid” (Google Click Identifier)

= =
* to show single clear cache button for the pages
* to show warning if wp cron is disabled when a cache timeout rule is added
* to disabe lazy load for the amp pages
* to replace urls on data-cvpsrc and data-cvpset attribute with cdn-url
* to clear the cache of a post which includes /%postname%/%post_id% permalink after the post is deleted
* to fix vulnerability
* to add "event" and "artist" custom post types for preload

= =
* to fix pre tag problem after minify html
* to add woff2 extensions for cdn
* to support non-latin characters for exclude
* to support non-latin characters for toolbar clear current page cache
* to fix "removing dollar sign with number" on fixing pre tag
* to clear cache of cloudflare afer restart preload
* to exclude LinkedInBot user-agent
* to replace urls on data-large_image attribute with cdn-url

= =
* to show language option via php instead of javascript
* to show warning if there is no zone on Cloudflare
* to fix Uncaught SyntaxError on cdn.js [Details]
* refactoring of cdn_replace_urls()
* [FEATURE] Clear Cache via URL [Details]
* to add webm, ogg and mp4 extensions for browser cache

= =
* to fix Revolution Slider Error
* to make Cloudflare CDN integration work with sub-domains
* to fix error on js combine feature
* to fix error replace cdn-url
* to replace urls on data-thumb attribute with cdn-url
* to move the rules of Gtranslate at the top of WP Fastest Cache on .htaccess
* to define preload number manually [Details]

= =
* to fix removing the escaped slashes of Cloudflare Integration [Details]
* [FEATURE] Compatible with Fast Velocity Minify
* [FEATURE] Microsoft IIS support
* to serve the sources of Rev Slider if the cdn integration is enabled
* to exclude woocommerce_items_in_cart cookie automatically
* to check wptouch-pro-view cookie

= =
* to update russian translation
* to set browser caching for Cloudflare
* not to load the css and js sources of clear cache button when toolar is not visible
* to fix SyntaxError: Unexpected token M in JSON at position 0 error

= =
* to rename the text on admin bar
* to move cdn functions to speed up wp fastest cache
* check if settings are indexed by multilang locales for WeePie Cookie Allow
* [FEATURE] to add Cloudflare integration

= =
* refactoring of delete_cache_of_term()
* [FEATURE] exclude archives
* to delete cache of pagination after new post
* to add do_action() for deleteCache()
* to shorten the url of the minified and combined sources
* to fix excluding googleanalytics problem
* to create cache for mobile user-agents when mobile option is disabled
* [FEATURE] Compatible with WeePie Cookie Allow

= =
* to check <title> for 404 if the header return 200
* to clear all the cache if the visibility is converted to private
* refactoring of ignored()
* to stop loading the admin functions if DOING_AJAX is set
* to fix excluding attachment pages problem
* [FEATURE] Compatible with Yet Another Stars Rating
* to disable including powerfulhtml class for ajax request
* to convert the uninstall method to uninstall.php
* [FEATURE] exclude Google Analytics Parameters [Details]
* to add WPFC_DISABLE_WEBP [Details]
* to fix 403 cdn template error
* to fix height problem of lightbox

= =
* to remove "via php" text if WPFC_REMOVE_VIA_FOOTER_COMMENT is defined as true
* [FEATURE] Restart Preload [Details]
* to fix the problem of selecting chinese language automatically
* to fix php notice trying to get property of non-object in delete_cache_of_term()
* to speed up getting db optimization statistics()
* to show the cache of main content without query string if google analytics parameters are set [Details]

= =
* to fix the problem which show the same cache for every language on Polylang
* [FEATURE] to remove wordpress emojis [Details]

= =
* [FEATURE] Compatible with Easy HTTPS (SSL) Redirection
* to clear of the post when WPML is active

= =
* to exclude the renamed my-account page of woocommerce
* to add AddType x-font/ttf for gzip
* to fix the errors of Undefined property: stdClass::$post, stdClass::$page, stdClass::$category
* [FEATURE] exclude attachments

= =
* to espace empty spaces for webp rules
* to clear cache after new Woocommerce orders
* [FEATURE] Compatible with kk Star Ratings
* to clear the pages cache of the categories and tags
* [FEATURE] Compatible with All In One Schema.org Rich Snippets
* [FEATURE] Compatible with WPML Multilingual Plugin
* [FEATURE] Compatible with Cloudinary

= =
* to exclude the admins cookies for the cache automatically
* to clear the cache of category and tag after update
* refactoring of insertWebp()
* to exclude /cart automatically for eCommerce Shopping Cart by WP EasyCart
* to exclude /cart and /checkout automatically for Easy Digital Downloads
* to exclude /sitemap_index.xml automatically for Yoast SEO
* to decode path if it is not utf-8
* to fix problem on activation and deactivation
* to clear widget cache after publishing a new post

= =
* to fix image error on Structured Data Testing Tool when cdn is used
* to optimize the panel of wp fastest cache
* to fix cache path for gtranslate
* to fix Cannot modify header error

= =
* to avoid removing www prefix from photon cdn-url
* to prevent to empty origin-url on cdn wizard
* [FEATURE] to clear cache of post via post list
* preload for woocommorce product category
* to clear cache of tag and cat after product update
* to check that SG Optimizer is active or not
* [FEATURE] Preload for tags
* [FEATURE] Preload for attachments
* [FEATURE] exclude categories, tags, posts and pages

= =
* [FEATURE] to clear cache of the post tags and the post categories after new post
* [FEATURE] WebP [Details]
* to fix BlogPosting error on Structured Data Testing Tool when cdn is used
* to fix more than one cdn work concurrently
* [FEATURE] Preload for category
* [FEATURE] Preload for woocommerce products

= =
* [FEATURE] Widget Cache [Details]
* to add browser cache for woff2
* to fix Woocommerce basket issue
* to serve the sources via cdn for logged-in users
* to prevent removing "=" from exclude rules
* to change <FilesMatch "\.(html|htm)"> to <FilesMatch "index\.(html|htm)">
* to fix problem about random url of photon
* to replace origin-url which starts with /wp-content with cdn-url
* to replace wp_get_recent_posts() with get_results() for preload
* to replace the attribute which are data-srcsmall|data-srclarge|data-srcfull with cdn-url
* [FEATURE] Compatible with WP Hide & Security Enhancer

= =
* to escape spaces in path for htaccess
* to fix the error of htaccess not writeable warning
* [FEATURE] WP AMP — Accelerated Mobile Pages for WordPress and WooCommerce
* [FEATURE] to support webp for leverage browser caching
* [FEATURE] to exclude REST API url which start with /wp-json
* [FEATURE] Google Fonts Async [Details]
* [FEATURE] Random option for Photon CDN

= =
* to make compatible with the new rules of wordpress
* [FEATURE] Database Cleanup [Details]
* to decode URLs in non-latin languages for singleDeleteCache()
* to change the method of the premium update Details

= =
* [FEATURE] Compatible with GTranslate
* to exclude avada-dynamic-css-css for css optimizations
* to compatible with Safir Mobile theme
* to update htaccess after activation
* [FEATURE] Compatible with Caldera Forms
* to prevent 404 errors for non-existent minified files
* to clear the cache of post cats and the cache of post tags after update post

= =
* to add aac, mp3, ogg extension for CDN
* to serve wp-emoji-release.min.js via cdn if CDN integration has been added
* not to show the cache for comment authors
* to show how to enable gzip warning for Nginx
* to fix the check cdn-url issue which is cURL error 6: Couldn't resolve host
* to check http_response_code is 503 or not if DONOTCACHEPAGE is set
* to fix the warnings about clearing cache
* to fix the issue if a js source is called as ?site=site.com

= =
* to be able to hide toolbar [Details]
* [FEATURE] Compatible with Yet Another Stars Rating
* [FEATURE] Cache Timeout with Hour and Minute [Details]
* to add style for manually preload
* to fix htaccess popup
* [FEATURE] exclude cookie

= =
* to update user-agents with Microsoft Edge
* to fix duplicate menu problem
* to create /cache/index.html for security
* to create /cache/wpfc-minified/index.html for security
* to execute render blocking js before css and js (premium)
* to fix Undefined variable: trailing_slash_rule
* [FEATURE] Clear Cache for Specific Page [Details]
* to add http_host condition into htaccess
* [FEATURE] Compatible with Mailchimp mc4wp.com
* [FEATURE] Compatible with Hide My WP [Details]
* [FEATURE] Compatible with AMP

= =
* [FEATURE] exclude css sources
* to fix Non-trailing Slash problem
* to add specify source option for cdn integration
* new interface of cdn tab
* [FEATURE] to add Photon
* [FEATURE] Multiple CDN
* [FEATURE] exclude js sources
* to improve Combine JS feature
* [FEATURE] Compatible with WpResidence theme
* [FEATURE] to call preload manually

= =
* to fix the problem about replacing url after minify css
* to add "start with" option to the cache timeout
* to add uninstall feature
* to add "user-agent" option to the exclude page
* to convert cache time to local time
* to exclude WhatsApp user-agent

= =
* to remove X-Wap-Profile from htaccess
* to show warning lightbox if the cache cannot be deleted
* [FEATURE] Set preload number
* refactoring of is_wptouch_smartphone()
* [FEATURE] to clear only the homepage cache
* wp nonces added for security

= =
* to remove hostname from exclude rule
* to fix file cache problem
* to change the mobile user-agents
* to fix Wordfence Security report

= =
* [FEATURE] Preload
* to exclude the renamed page of woocommerce
* to fix path which starts with ./ in css files
* [FEATURE] Compatible with Visual Composer Post Grid
* application/x-javascript has been added for leverage browser caching
* to prevent removing newlines from .htaccess
* [FEATURE] Compatible with WP-CLI
* to add wp-touch mobile user-agent list
* to exclude facebookexternalhit user-agent
* [FEATURE] Compatible with Any Mobile Theme Switcher
* [FEATURE] CDN for css files
* to fix the huge size of tmpWpfc problem

= =
* to combine css files by media attribute
* to fix lots of disk usage issue
* to fix design broken which occours after some time
* to fix PHP Notice: Undefined index: HTTP_ACCEPT
* to fix WP-Polls issue if PHP v5.6
* to remove 
* [FEATURE] to add Polish language
* [FEATURE] to add CDN77
* to get the source of fonts.googleapis.com
* new style of Exclude Page
* to set cache timeout for specific pages
* gzip for woff type
* to fix "unknown error" of AWS cdn integration
* [FEATURE] chinese language has been added
* [FEATURE] Compatible with WP-PostRatings
* to fix combine css issue if a file is empty after minify
* to add woff2 for browser caching
* to disable creating cache if get_option("home") is secure and current url is not secure
* to fix switching theme from mobile to desktop on wptouch
* to remove carriage return (^M)
* [FEATURE] Finnish language has been added
* [FEATURE] Nginx support
* to use case-insensitive file system for browser caching
* WAP-Browser has been added into mobile user agent list
* to prevent 404 error for wpfc-minified after clearing minified files
* [FEATURE] to add any cdn provider
* to prevent from xss attacks (Brendon Boshell)
* to clear the cache of homepage after update static page
* to clear the cache of homepage after update sticky page
* to clear the cache of homepage after update post which appears on homepage

= =
* to add Amazon CloudFront CDN
* to add KeyCDN
* to update Russian Language
* to fix PHP Notice: Undefined index: HTTP_USER_AGENT
* to fix PHP Notice: Undefined index: name
* to fix combine js issue with commented out js
* to fix delete minify files issue
* to add image/svg+xml for leverage browser cache
* refactoring of minify and combine css features
* to fix redirection to /wp-content/cache/all for ssl
* to add text for toolbar icon

= =
* to be compatible with Guideline

= =
* to check zlib extension for downloading premium automatically
* to update Portuguese and Turkish languages
* to be compatible with sub-directory installation with renamed wp-content
* refactoring of js-utilities.php
* to fix delete comment issue

= =
* to replace https:// and http:// to // after converting inline css to link
* to replace https:// and http:// to // after converting inline js to link
* to ignore the empty css files
* to optimize exclude page feature
* to fix mobile cache issue for ipad user if wp touch is used
* to prevent caching js files whose type is text/template
* to update Portuguese language

= =
* [FEATURE] to add MaxCDN
* to remove comments from inline js
* to fix trim() issue
* to be compatible with Leaflet Maps Marker

= =
* to prevent combine js file which is added by WP Socializer
* to make ruleForWpContent() pasive
* refactoring of inlineToScript()
* [FEATURE] Romanian has been added

= =
* [FEATURE] to be compatible with WP Mobile Edition
* to prevent from sql injection attacks (Kacper Szurek)
* to prevent using Head Cleaner

= =
* to show .htaccess rules if not writeable
* not to comment out Facebook js
* not to comment out document.createElement('script')
* not to minify and combine style and js codes in noscript tag

= =
* to update Portuguese language
* to make compatible with Google Adsense plugin
* to add user-agent of Samsung S5, LG and HTC

= =
* to add popup warning modal for premium download
* to remove mobile cache after update post

= =
* wpfcNOT is visible only for admins
* to prevent creating cache for POST request
* to fix issue of converting inline js to internal file

= =
* to fix inline css issue
* to prevent caching for renamed wp-login.php

= =
* to stop caching for /wp-api/v1, /cart, /checkout, /receipt, /confirmation, /product - WooCommerce
* to prevent caching if useragent Mediapartners-Google
* to decrease pcre.recursion_limit in css optimization to prevent Internal Server Error

= =
* to fix premium page issue

= =
* exclude page is case insensitive
* to check buffer is json or not for checkWoocommerceSession()
* not to comment out Google Analytics by Yoast

= =
* refactoring of checkHtml()

= =
* other plugins can use the functions
* to put ";" at the end of js file if last char is not ";"
* to make compatible renamed wp-content sites

= =
* to prevent using GZip Ninja Speed Compression
* to prevent using GZIP Output
* to show success message after saving exclude page
* style of left panel
* opera mini has been added into mobile user agent list
* to fix download premium version issue

= =
* to prevent confliction on left menu
* to fix error and success message icon

= =
* MIDP has been added into mobile user agent list

= =
* to fix vulnerability (discoverd by 0pc0deFR aka Kevin FALCOZ)
* to fix issue of moving chartset to the top
* to prevent combine Google Fonts javascripts
* [FEATURE] exclude page

= =
* to prevent inline to external if the style is used in the javascript
* to prevent creating cache for xmlrpc.php
* to fix white page issue because of combine css and js
* icons for premium version

= =
* WPtouch issue has been solved
* improvement of cache delete
* to add ";" at the end of JS file if it does not exist

= =
* to prevent comment out google analitics code
* refactoring of isPasswordProtected()
* the clear cache button on toolbar is available for editors

= =
* index.html files have been added intead of .htaccess
* to prevent comment out inline js rules twice
* [FEATURE] to add delete button on the admin bar
* to fix url() problem for data:image/svg+xml

= =
* to fix issue of text to visual
* refactoring of redirect rule
* to prevent the directory access
* to prevent from xss attacks (Kacper Szurek)

= =
* to fix 301 redirection issue of sub-folder
* to support non-english characters on search

= =
* to prevent caching wp-login.php if renamed
* to prevent caching if the page has a contactform7 form with captcha
* to prevent caching for ajax call

= =
* to implement single post cache deletion when a post/page is modified
* [FEATURE] to implement new frequency values for cache timeout
* html corrupted warning has been added
* to make compatible with WooCommerce Themes
* to prevent combine inline css if commented out

= =
* to fix sub-domain redirect issue with www
* to prevent caching of sitemap.xml
* to fix getting error when .htaccess is not found
* to improve combine css
* to prevent caching wp-comments-post.php
* to prevent combine comment out js files
* to prevent caching js files whose type is application/ld+json
* style changes of delete cache panel
* to fix php warning which is Invalid argument supplied for foreach()
* to fix "File not found" message when trying to leave a comment

= =
* to prevent converting style rules to link more than once
* to clear cache after admin writes a comment
* to clear cache if comment has not ben manually approved
* to disable minute and hour when hourly is selected
* to show both time when twice daily is selected on cache timeout panel

= =
* rewrite rule issue has been solved
* to remove empty chars from url()
* to add media type for inline css after minify

= =
* to support setting hour and minute as a 0
* to fix server time NaN
* to check the length of inline css for combine css
* to support selecting the css files which do not include home_url()
* to support selecting the js files which do not include home_url()
* publish_page to save_post

= =
* to minify css files which are NOT "media='all'"
* to support selecting the css files which do not include home_url()
* to insert define('WP_CACHE', true) into wp-config.php for wp-postviews
* to fix PHP Warning: Missing argument 2 for CssUtilities::minifyCss()
* to fix PHP Warning: scandir warning

= =
* to support WP-PostViews
* tab of minified css and js has been removed
* warning about Microsoft IIS has been added
* to prevent minify and combine css if returns 404
* to prevent combine js if returns 404
* warning about Multisite has been added

= =
* warning of regular expression is too large has been added
* [FEATURE] to be able to choose specific time
* js and css merging is not beta anymore

= =
* to delete cachen when page is edited or published
* warning of DONOTCACHEPAGE has been added
* file_get_contents_curl() issue for the files which start with //
* to combine the css files which has media="all" attribute
* to fix re-write rule for sub-directory installation
* [FEATURE] to prevent 304 browser caching to see new post
* [FEATURE] wpfcNOT works for pages as well except the themes
* the warning has been added for empty buffer

= =
* to fix disable the plugin
* to check permalinks was set or not
* modified of deletion of minified files' warning
* to fix inserting extra comment tag

= =
* wp-polls issue
* cache timeout issue
* minify css issue for data:application/x-font-woff

= =
* optimization of deletion cache
* creating cache problem when combine css is unchecked

= =
* [FEATURE] JS Combine
* to check that super cache is active or not
* to check that better wordPress minify is active or not
* [FEATURE] french translation

= =
* to prevent creating cache for logged-in users
* gzip for svg, x-font-ttf, vnd.ms-fontobject, font/opentype font/ttf font/eot font/otf
* stlye files issue with https
* [FEATURE] Keep Alive
* compatible with @import "style.css";
* [FEATURE] italian language has been added

= =
* to support renamed wp-content

= =
* to fix combine css breaking css down
* the password protected posts are not cached
* change of minified css file name

= =
* to show which style files are combined
* to fix the minify css issue
* to fix minify css breaking css down

= 0.8 =
* [FEATURE] Supports "Subdirectory Install"
* [FEATURE] SSL support
* [FEATURE] Leverage browser caching has been added
* GZippy warning has been added
* Path issue of rewrite rules has been solved
* to prevent create cache for mobile devices
* [FEATURE] Enable/Disable cache option for logged-in users has been added
* Improvement of Turkish and Spanish translation
* Issue of subdirectory install using with subdirectory url
* Double slash in the rewrite rule problem has been solved
* Full path is written instead of %{DOCUMENT_ROOT}
* Stop to prevent not to minify css files which has small size
* Improvement of detection active plugins
* [FEATURE] "Combine Css" has been added
* Stop to prevent not to minify css files which has small size
* Improvement of detection active plugins
* [FEATURE] "Combine Css" has been added
* Improvement of combine css
* to prevent creating cache for the urls which has query string

= 0.7.9 =
* [FEATURE] Compatible with WP-Polls
* [FEATURE] Enable/Disable cache option for mobile devices has been added
* [FEATURE] "" shortcode has been converted to the image
* Optimization of CSS minify
* r10.net support forum url has been added
* Some style changes
* to correct misspelling
* Icon has been changed
* [FEATURE] Portuguese language has been added
* [FEATURE] German language has been added
* Minify css issue has been solved
* [FEATURE] Blackberry PlayBook has been added into mobiles
* [FEATURE] www and non-www redirections have been added

= 0.7.8 =
* [FEATURE] Delete Minified Css & Js feature has been added
* Update of Spanish translation
* Update of Turkish translation
* Update of Russian translation
* Update of Ukrainian translation

= 0.7.7 =
* Optimization of CSS minify
* rmdir, mkdir and rename error_log problem
* modify .htaccess problem
* Update of Spanish translation
* Update of Turkish translation
* Update of Russian translation
* Update of Ukrainian translation

= 0.7.6 =
* [FEATURE] Gzip Compression

= 0.7.5 =
* Performance of delete all files is improved
* Rewrite rules of WPFC is removed from .htaccess when wpfc is deactivated
* CSS of Warnings has been changed

= 0.7.4 =
* Minify Css problem has been solved
* Info panel has been added
* Update of Spanish translation
* Update of Turkish translation
* Update of Russian translation
* Update of Ukrainian translation

= 0.7.3 =
* Info Tip has been added

= 0.7.2 =
* [FEATURE] Minify CSS files

= 0.7.1 =
* Delete Cron Job when the plugin is deactivated
* Delete from DB when the plugin is deactivated

= 0.7 =
* [FEATURE] works with Wordfence properly
* [FEATURE] 404 pages are not cached
* urls which includes words that wp-content, wp-admin, wp-includes are not cached
* The issue about cache timeout has been solved
* [FEATURE] Cache Timeout has been added
* [FEATURE] Spanish language has been added
* [FEATURE] Minify html
* [FEATURE] Supported languages: Russian, Ukrainian and Turkish
* [FEATURE] "Block Cache For Posts and Pages" has been added as a icon for TinyMCE and Quicktags editor
* Cache file is not created if the file is exist
* Cached files are deleted after deactivation of the plugin

= 0.6 =
* Cached file is not updated after comment because of security reasons
* Checking corruption of html
* Creation time of file has been added
* "Not cached version" text has been removed
* Some style changes
* System works under sub wp sites
* Plugin URI has been added
* Dir path has been removed from not cached version
* Some styles changes
* Some styles changes

= 0.5 =
* [FEATURE] Admin can delete all cached files from the options page
* [FEATURE] All cache files are deleted when a post or page is published
* [FEATURE] Blocking cache with Shortcode

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